Oil Water Separators

Compressed Air Oil Water Separator

Hi-Line ConSep compressed air condensate separators, safely dispose of oil contaminated condensate. *No Mess! - No oil containers to empty. *No stagnant water volumes or bacteria build up. * Works with any compressor or oil. * Unique Demister/Condensate delivery. * Hi-line “Blue Bag” technology. * Designed to work with all types of auto drains. * Lifetime guarantee on moulding.


Condensate Drains

Timed Auto Drain

This high quality product is the most reliable way to remove water/oil condensate from a compressed air system. Designed for use on filter housings, after coolers, dryers, pressure vessels, air receivers and compressors, regardless of size or capacity, the adjustable interval and discharge times allows you to make this unit work at its optimum and become energy efficient. The key to this extremely reliable auto drain is the high quality brass valve arrangement which is precision machined to fine tolerances. The valve orifice bore is 4mm which allows the largest piece of dirt, metal and scale to be removed along with the condensate.


No Loss Energy Efficient Condensate Drains - Copy

Zero Loss Condensate Drains with diaphragm valve discharge condensate reliably Condensate drainage via a diaphragm valve with large cross-section ensures that contaminants are flushed out and thus ensures fault-free operation of the valve. At the same time, the condensate is prevented from forming an emulsion that would need expensive condensate treatment.