Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors

Mark MSB Industrial Screw Compressor - Copy

The Mark MSB range offers a wide choice of compressors from 11 to 30 kW, with fixed speed control or variable speed (IVR) control, basemounted or installed on an air vessel with dryer up to 22 kW. Following your needs , the MSB will allow you to choose the right solution for your compressed air demand in order to save costs on energy consumption and installation. Whatever model you choose, high standard components guarantee a solid performance while the optimised design ensures high reliability. Price shown for 11kw floor mounted Mark MSB rotary screw compressor


Mark RMC Compressor

Industrial Rotary Screw Compressor

Mark RMC industrial rotary screw compressor 200-300cfm compressor 350-500m3/h For More information Please contact us tel: 01204 431846

Mark RME Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial Screw Compressor

Mark RME industrial rotary screw compressor, direct drive with gearbox 500-700cfm Options include built in dryer, filters and energy efficient variable speed drive For more information please contact us: Tel: 01204 431846