Piston Air Compressors

Mark Stormy Professional Air Compressors

STORMY PRO is an evolution of our belt driven professional piston compressors that brings even more features and efficiency to our product offer. This range consists of single and two stage designs. Single stage pump technology utilises a large cylinder bore and stroke that allows the pump to run at a lower speed, achieving important benefits such as low noise levels and improved user comfort. It also reduces working temperatures and mechanical wear and increases reliability. Priced from £499.00 ex vat (1.5kw/2.0hp, 50 litre tank)


Mark BlueWind Compressor

Mark Blue Wind Air Compressor

The BLUEWIND range has been developed to ensure quality, reliability and efficiency for semi-professional applications requiring standard duty and occasional use of compressed air. Portable or mobile, they can easily fit in a car and will give full satisfaction to hobbyists, craftsmen and artisans. 1.5kw/2.0hp 50 litre tank 1ph supply


Mark Professional Silenced Air Compressors

Silenced Piston Compressors

The STORMY PRO S range includes the same benefits as the STORMY PRO range but also adds limited noise emission thanks to an insulating canopy that includes a control panel with hourmeter and enables easy service access. Priced From £899.00 ex vat (2.0hp/1.5kw, 9cfm, floor mounted with internal 8litre tank)