Hi-Line Compressed Air Treatment

Hi-Line Tundra Air Dryers

The 2018 Tundra range is Hi-line’s most energy efficient to date, with a robust and highly reliable build quality. Minimal energy consumption is crucial in today’s competitive environment and the new Tundra dryer from Hi-line will help drive down your energy costs by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power. The Direct Expansion technology offers a constant +3°c dewpoint at all times, unlike chilled mass dryers which can be as high as +10°c during its thermal cycle. Priced from £560.00 (20cfm) Sizes available up to 1700cfm


Hi-Line Atacama ADS Dryer

Hi-Line Atacama dryer

The Atacama point of use desiccant dryer is designed with reliability at the forefront, has no shuttle valves and uses only positively driven valves. Eliminating any chance of valve failure and extending service periods. The standard unit dries air to a dewpoint of -40°c and comes with built on pre and after filtration Sizes available from 5 to 100 cfm Price shown for 100 cfm

Point of Use Dryer

HPD Point of use dryer

The function of the Hi-line point-of-use desiccant adsorber is for small scale separation of humidity (water vapour) from compressed air systems. The adsorber utilizes a replaceable desiccant cartridge and is capable of achieving low pressure dew points of down to -40ºc. For best results and performance it is highly recommended that a fine coalescing filter is installled at the inlet side of the adsorber.