Pipe Work Installation

Proper Installation Required

Without Proper installation, you and your employees are sitting on top of a potential bomb.

Scorpion Compressed Air professionally installs air compressors and pipe work ring mains, the benefits of a professional installation of your compressed air system are enormous:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Single source responsibilty
  • Air system design
  • Fully integrated support
  • Compressed air system expertise
  • Air system optimization

We now offer a complete range of services in compressed air system installation and integration.

From the smallest air cooled reciprocating air system to the largest ring main installation, Scorpion Compressed Air has the capability to manage and implement a complete compressed air system.

Compressed Air Expertise

Scorpion Compressed Air many years in the compressed air business allows you to benefit from our experience. we know how to design, install and maintain compressed air systems.

Single Source Responsibilty

Allow us to accept responsibilty and ensure your satisfaction from start to finish, supply compressed air to where you need it.

Air System Design

The proper initial design of the compressed air system will result in superior compressed air system operation. 

We can develop an air system design that will meet your present needs and offer flexibility for future expansion.

We specialise in multiple types of air compression technologies, our experienced team of qualified factory trained engineers will help you select and design the proper equipment and layout for your operation.

After Project Installation Support

We are able to supply all necessary support for your air system, we can repair, modify and maintain your air system as you require.

Air System Optimization

The ability to optimize a compressed air system comes from over 20 years of being in the compressed air industry.

We can optimise to save you energy costs, reduce maintenance costs and provide a reliable air system, optimization involves ensuring that each component is calibrated to work efficiently within the system.

Scorpion Compressed Air is your single source provider with:

  • Design service - determine system requirements, equipment selection and air system layout
  • Equipment provider - Compressors, dryers, filters, receiver & tanks pipe work
  • Project management - Equipment, building, piping, complete installation &7 commissioning
  • Maintenance and operation services - long term source for parts, service & repair